Why Men Really Don’t Make More Than Women Infographic

Why women actually don't make less than men

Women Don’t Really Make less than men.

The claim that women make 77 cents to every dollar men make disregards many choices women make, leading to false claims on social inequality and skewing gender debates.

It’s true, but only if you don’t account for occupations, positions, education, job tenure and hours worked per week which lower the wage gap to about a nickel.

What’s really going on then?

Expectations and sex-based stereotypes push men towards STEM careers (Science Technology Engineering math) and women towards “pink-collar” health and education jobs. The real wage gap is expanded by common choices by gender, like what college major you choose. Males overwhelmingly choose higher paying majors, females lower paying majors. This is abased not on gender discrimination, bu choice of college major.

Also, mothers experience more career disruptions than fathers. Working mothers report greater difficulty advance careers than fathers.

Recent comments about this infographic:

  • If it where true, why not hire just women?
  • It is important to note however that Kennedy passed the “Equal Wage Act” in 1963 that guaranteed equal pay for equal work. So there’s that
  • This goes against the left’s narrative of systemic inequality. Identity politics is all they know. It’s why they are fading into obscurity.
  • Pick a job with high demand to get paid more? Who knew!?!?
  • The art style bugs me for some reason. It’s trying to distract from the fact that it’s trying to muddy the waters of a clear issue.
  • Now show us an info-graph explaining why so few women enter STEM careers. That would be a far better use of time
  • What is the counter argument to college major distributions? How do men/women’s salary stack up for those that chose the same major?
  • I love finding more evidence to support me never having kids
  • You can be the hardest working nurse and a doctor is still going to make more than you. (Just stereotyping but trying to find an example).

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