10 Interesting and Funny Flowcharts That Speak the Truth

Flow charts are a creative way to engage readers and help lead them on a journey to the information they are seeking. Flow charts help to give more specific information based on reader’s choices and can be a very personalized viewing experience. One of our favorite flow charts was about choosing a book to read for the summer listed here.

Just like when we search for something and Google asks us for a keyword to help find information, flow charts ask questions that the reader can answer themselves and that can lead them to the information they need and didn’t know beforehand.

This is a collection of 10 of the most interesting and funny flowcharts that you might not have seen before. And if your interests match any of the flow chart infographics below, you may learn a thing or two before you are done.

Date Match Flow Chart

Find out if you can find a compatible date.

can we date flowchart

Happiness Flow Chart

Happiness is easy, with the help of some simple yes or no questions.

are you happy flowchart

Find Your Favorite Female Character Flow Chart

Find your favorite female character from our entertainment channels – search by traits such as level of crazy or her role.

creating a female character for entertainment industry flowchart

How to Enjoy Coffee Flow Chart

Seems like a simple task made a bit harder. Drink what you like. I like my coffee with a bit of Irish added.

enjoy coffee properly flowchart

How Laws Are Made Flow Chart

Not a really interesting subject, but you can impress and bore your friends with your new found knowledge.

how a law is made flowcart

Live a Creative Life Flow Chart

Get creative and do it in the right order. Eternal happiness waits.

how to lead a creative life flowcart

How to Make a Short Film Flow Chart

Making a film is easy, follow the flow chart from conception of idea to your movies release and then your repayment of staggering bills.

i want to make a short film flowcart

Date Texting Etiquette Flow Chart

Texting and dating. The simple decisions for this landmine are made easy with the texting etiquette flow chart.

should I text him flowcart

How to Find the Best YouTube Videos Flow Chart

Youtube is bigger than the Internet. Impossible you say? Maybe, but you still need flow chart to help you sort it out.

watching youtube flowcart

The Best 80s/90s Cartoons To Watch Flow Chart

I know I would watch the X-men, so I don’t need this. But less geeky minds may find it helpful.

which 80s cartoon should i watch flowchart

Please add any potential suggestions for creative flow charts you feel should have been included in the comments below.


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