10 Ways Your Parents Lied To You About Your Body [Infographic]

I am sure you have heard your parents tell you something about your body growing up that you even believe to be true. I use to believe that if I swallowed watermelon seeds a watermelon plants would grow in my stomach. Obviously this is not true but because my parents said it to me I believed it.

This infographic shows the truth behind some of the biggest lies your parents told you about your body. You may be surprised by some of these truths since so many of us grow up really believing these lies and passing them on to our own children. This is how the cycle continues and is passed from generation to generation.

What are some lies your parents told you about your body? Do you still believe in them or did you realize they were not true?



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  • Barry Nolan

    There is a lot of issues with this!

    -You lose heat from your head but its through the ears being a open cavity
    -Sugar does increase energy in bursts
    -Common colds are caused by viruses, viruses that have much more success causing a cold when your immunity is low because you are wet and freezing

    Why go through all that effort of designing this, its just not very good.