7 Infographic Mistakes That Should be Avoided

Infographics are one of the most creative ways to showcase information in  a way that many people will read them. There are lots of good infographics found on the internet but there are many, many that aren’t good.

Infographics work best when they display and compare information that is relevant and helpful to reader. You would think that is a simple task, but still there are many horrible infographics, usually based on poor ideas or topics. We all have seen infographics that have sub-par design with no point or purpose. This makes the designer look unprofessional as well as the company sponsoring the infographic.

It is important to create the best infographics to make sure it tells the story you want and provides some future thought for the reader. It also goes a long way to helping the infographic “go viral.” With that in mind, here we give you a list of infographics with some topics you should avoid when you are researching and designing your next infographic. Don’t enjoy the samples. 😉 Got any you think we should add?

1. Using Qualitative Data

Seems like a lot of assumed data about men and women that can’t be measured.


2. Complicating Simple Subjects

Do we really need an infographic on what what to clean? We hate cleaning.

CleanInforgraphic (1)

3. Using Simple Procedures

Sometimes simple is best, but usually for humor, not for helpful information.


4. Creating Complex Infographics

If you get a headache looking at the infographic, imagine the migraine the designer had.


5. Being Promotional

Thanks for telling us all about you…and not much else.


6. Duplicating A Overdone Idea

More information about social media. Yay! Only 9.4 million search results in Google (see image below).

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #027 - 'social media infographics - Google Search' - www_google_com_search_q=social+media+infographics&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org_mozilla_en-US_official&client=firefox-a


7. Using Poor Taste (no pun intended)

Sometimes black humor works, but you are bound to offend someone, so why limit your audience and give yourself a black eye.

infographic of Hannibal Lecter

Do you have any other poor choices for an infographic topic or idea to add? Do so in the comments.

  • Yes, the above is a good list of common mistakes to avoid while designing infographics…though we disagree with Point 5 above – Infographics are made for Promotion and should be able to subtly convey that message across.

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