Are You a Left Brain or Right Brain Personality [Infographic]

We all different personalities but some of us tend to use our brains a certain way. Those who use the left side of the brain often have certain characteristics while those who use the right have the opposite. Each side of the brain has very unique attributes that can be noticed within a person.

The infographic below shows how you can tell which side of the brain you use the most. It lists the different abilities and functions that apply to each side of the brain. I am a right brain person while my fiance is a left brain person. This works well for us because when one person is not so good in an area the other person is usually better. It can also cause a few disagreement as well.

What side of the brain do you use? You can probably figure it out for most of the people in your life just based on how you interact with them.

left brain-right-brain


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  • Phileppa Eve Doyle

    My sister and I (early 70’s) are exactly what has been researched here. I am, unfortunately, right and she is left. Interestingly I am right-handed and she is left-handed; has there been any indication that that affects the results of the research? Unfortunately?… I hate the fact that I am emotional and would love to be able to see things without the emotional aspect of my personality taking over.