Average Breast Cup Size Around the World [Infographic]

Women are known to compare their bodies to other women especially to those in magazines or in movies. The media portrays women a certain way and some change their bodies to conform to society’s standards.

This infographic shows the average cup size of women around the world. This infographic is meant to be an interesting look at how the average breast size varies from country to country. I noticed that most of the smaller cup sizes are from less developed countries or places that have strict religious practices. The bigger sizes are in more developed countries that have the availability of breast implants.

Looking at the infographic design, I am amazed at the creative of imagery and placement. The colorful cups stacked to represent the different sizes is clever and unique. I wanted to post this infographic because it is so different and interesting.

If you are looking to increase or decrease your cup size, there are many breast augmentation surgery options to remake your breast size.



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    • TheTerran


  • Pedro Lopes

    The trend has more to do with obesity than anything else. From the countries in this infograph, the ones with fewer obese people like Japan and South Korea, Nigeria and Mali, Mongolia and China, have lower average breast size. On the other hand, places with a large percentage of fat people like the United States and Venezuela have higher breast sizes. The only thing that confuses me is the fact that Finland, Sweden and Norway are on the bottom. Why would that be? I don’t really by the breast augmentation thing. That surgery is very expensive and has many drawbacks for such a great share of these countries’ females to receive the operation.

  • L Kururugi

    Poor Asians, only chance of getting “big” is mixing with the Western blood.