Breakdown of the State of the Union Address [Infographic]

The state of the union address made by the president each year is a way for the President to speak to the country and give an update on where we are as a nation. Often the speech will focus on issues that are popular at that moment and he will urge Congress to work together for the good of the country.

President George Washington made an annual address during his presidency but President Thomas Jefferson discontinued this during his time in office. President Woodrow Wilson reestablished the state of the union address and it has continued since. It is a good way for the people to hear directly from the president about his plans for our country.

The infographic below focuses on two presidents, President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. It looks at the words used in their speeches throughout their terms and conveniently displays them for us to see how often they were used. It is interesting to see which words were used and at what times throughout their terms.

It is no surprise that “America” was used frequently by both presidents throughout their terms. The use of the word “terrorism” was used more in President Bush’s addresses especially after 9/11. Another term that surprised me was “gun control”. Neither president mentioned it in their state of the union address until President Obama used it this year. This I am sure was because of the Sandy Hook elementary shooting that took place at the end of 2012.

I look at this infographic as a interesting view of how the issues have changed over time and how each president addresses certain topics more than others. Taxes seemed to be mentioned equally by both presidents and I am sure will continue to be something that Presidents address in their speeches. What words do you find interesting? Are you surprised that some terms are hardly mentioned?



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