Chef’s Guide to Knives & Chopping Infographic

A knife to a chef is like an extension of their arm. Knowing and using the correct type of knife shows the level of skill of a cook or chef. Those who are new to cooking may not know that there is a specific knife for each specific job. Just like tools for a car, certain foods require certain knives to cut them.

This infographic, which was designed by the same team who brought us the measuring conversion infographic, shows you the different types of knives and their purposes. If you are looking to be a better cook then you will want to see this infographic and learn about using the right knife for the right job and the right food. You can think of this infographic as knives 101, your first class on knife skills.

Learn the lingo: peel, slice, julienne, chiffonade, mince, brunois and dice. These are the names of gang member, these are different type of slices and chops for preparing food. Which knife is best for cutting which food? So many knives to choose from: bread, fillet, chef’s, carving, boning, cleaver, utility, steak and pairing knife.

Learning how to properly chop food is important for safety and to efficiently cook. Technique is the most important thing when chopping. You don’t want to be the guy cooking a meal for your girlfriend and end up slicing your finger open. These are just things that you need to know in life.

Chef's Guide to Knives Infographic


This Food infographic was created by S.B. Lattin Design

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