Collection of Iron Man Infographics

With the release of the new Iron Man 3 movie today (May 3, 2013) I have put together a collection of Iron Man infographics. These infographics range from the costs of the iron man suits to the changes of the suit over the years. Some are in different languages but the images are still interesting to look at it.

Iron Man has grown in popularity with the release of the movies starring Robert Downing Jr as Tony Stark. This new one is sure to be another major blockbuster that I am guessing will be number one this weekend. With all of the attention surrounding the upcoming movie new fans may want to check out some of the old comic books.

If you are an Iron Man fan check out these 6 great infographics and share your thoughts. Furthermore, we found a site comparing Batman to Iron Man, interesting reading if you are a fan of either superhero.

The Cost Being Iron Man 3

cost of being iron man infographic

 Iron Man 2 Infographic

iron man infographic 3

 The cost of Being Iron Man Original

Cost of Being Iron Man

Another Iron Man 2 Infographic in Spanish


The Invincible Iron Infographic


Iron Man

The Many Armors of Iron Man


the-many-armours-of-iron-man infographic

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