5 Periodic Table Infographics

We all know the periodic table from high school chemistry or even from learning basic science in elementary school but the periodic tables shown here are not like that at all. Infographic designers have gotten more creative and started using one of the most famous tables to help showcase some interesting and fun information.

This collection has everything from Harry Potter characters to cocktails and swear words as topics for the periodic table. These tables help to organize and categorize the information so that readers can find and use the information quickly. The periodic table of elements was created as a resource for scientists and each one of these can be used as resources as well. A resource for the frat guy looking to make a cool drink for a party or the brainy Harry Potter nerd looking to memorize all the characters.

Do you know a topic that would work well in a periodic table? Check out the ones below to see if your idea could work as well.

College Students’ Boozing Periodic Table

This first periodic table is a guide to drinking alcohol for college students. They may not be studying the real periodic table for chemistry but many will enjoy this one. This is a great way to categorize and learn the many types of alcoholic drinks.


Periodic Table of Swearing & Cussing (Adult Language)

Swear words seem to be different in other cultures. A swear word usually has double meanings and while it can be bad in one place it is perfectly acceptable in another. This table shares all of the major swear words and categorizes them by harshness.


 Harry Potter Periodic Table of Characters List

This Harry Potter table displays all of the characters in the books in once easy to read table. I like how the colors match the houses within the books. Also it is labeled well which helps the reader find any character easily.


 Periodic Table of NCAA College Scandals

Apparently their have been quite a few NCAA scandals which can clearly be seen by the table below. As someone who is not too familiar with this I was shocked to see how full the table and how far back the scandals go. I am not surprised to see that player recruiting violations take the majority of the scandals.


 Periodic Table of Cocktails

Just like the college drinking guide table above this periodic table is  a recipe index as it shows what goes into each cocktail. People are always trying to replicate their favorite drinks at home and this table helps to do that.