How Colors Affect Website Conversions

When we are searching and clicking around on the internet certain things appeal to us and draw us in, particularly colors. When a consumer clicks on one link over others our brains are making decisions. This infographic claims that colors play an important role in that decision process.

We may not even realize that we chose a particular image or site because of the color we see, but the research in this design infographic shows that it may play a part. We often have favorite colors and men and women relate to colors differently, although not as different as once thought. It is interesting to see that we actually use those colors when we are making decisions.

This information is beneficial to web designers who create web pages for brands. If they create a site that is supposed to target men then they should use colors that will engage men to purchase their products or buy their serives. I was actually surprised by some of the real life examples that are provided.

My favorite fun fact about web colors was this: Why are most web hyperlinks blue? Red and green are the colors most affected by color-vision deficiency. Almost no one has a blue deficiency. Which means most people can distinguish blue as a color.

Colors that target women are blue, purple and green, which is somewhat confusing since blue and green also work well for men. And surprisingly neither sex likes to see orange.


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