How Corporate Color Affects Our Emotions [Infographc]

Update: We have added another similar infographic that shows  more companies with a key to help label the logos and elaborate more on the effect of color on a brands image. These two together are an interesting read that marketers will appreciate as well as designers.

Colors make us feel certain emotions and this is scientifically proven. I may not know the exact study but I am sure I have read somewhere that seeing certain colors can bring out certain emotions in an individual. So to see an infographic showcase the world’s most famous brands by color we can now see if the brands convey these emotions.

Developing a logo or brand takes companies months and months so when they settle on a color you can bet they knew what emotion they wanted to convey. There are a few in the chart that seem a little odd or misplaced and those are the ones that I found interesting.

I have to say that Dell does not give me the emotion of trust. Oh yes, I trust that they can make a computer but I also trust that it will crash after a year. McDonald’s conveys optimism? Well I guess I do look forward to eating there sometimes until I actually eat the food and then I don’t feel so optimistic.

I agree that Hooters does make me feel friendly especially to women. Nintendo and Coca Cola are exciting and youthful so maybe there really is something to this color emotion guide. Where does your logo fit on this infographic?  Is your company seen as friendly or creative?




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