Useful Infographic for Common Kitchen Measuring Conversions

We all have cooked a dish where it calls for a measurement and we don’t have the right utensil to measure with. This awesome infographic is a graphical chart that conveniently displays all of the common kitchen measuring conversions so now you can use whatever you have to get the exact measurement you need.

No more guessing at measurements while baking and having the muffins come out flat and dry. Baking is one of the hardest things to do as a cook and that is because it requires the recipe to be exact, especially the measurements. So the next time you make those cookies or muffins take a quick look at this infographic and make sure you are putting in the right amount of ingredients.

This is such a helpful resource I am going to save it on my tablet so that I can pull it up while I am in the kitchen cooking. I am always trying to figure out how many quarts are in a gallon especially when I am making that big cooler of lemonade in the summer. Do you think this infographic is helpful? Will you be using it the next time you cook? Believe me even if you don’t appreciate it, the cooks in your life will so be sure to pass it along.


This Food infographic was created by S.B. Lattin Design

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  • Stpah

    your graphic is totally wrong. 1 tsp is a 1/3 cup? wow.. how about no.
    16 tbsp in 1 cup, but then 2/3 of that is 10?? failed maths again.

    Oh wait a + sign. Um, why not just remove the 2/3 cup, or only show arrows from tsp only.

    • Jose Ole

      The two + signs are useful for someone who needs to make either 1/3 or 2/3 of a cup, but only has a teaspoon and tablespoon handy. Calm down.

      • Doug Farris

        Wow failed “maths” again…..

  • Nicole King

    Beware, British visitors. This information is correct for the USA only. Imperial measurements are different.