Democrats Vs. Republicans [Infographic]

The two major political parties in the U.S. are the democrats and republicans. They are almost complete opposites of each other and many people tend to lean towards one or the other when discussing political issues.

This infographic shows the two parties and how they differ on issues. I am not saying that everything on these is correct or represent both parties exactly. The information is based on what most democrats and republicans believe or think but not all. I will admit I was confused by the coloring of the two parties because I has always heard that red represented Republicans and blue was for Democrats. I guess the designer was trying to play a trick by switching the colors.

If you are not into politics but have always wanted to have a better understanding this infographic can help you decide which party your views most align with. You don’t even have to chose a party if you don’t want to and that is what is nice about this country.



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  • mandy

    I’m a liberal, so I’m a little bias, but I agree with basically everything except the “Interfere With/Don’t Interfere With.” Conservatives do interfere with society and social lives when they give tax cuts and subsidies to giant corporations, start unnecessary wars, and they restrict reproductive rights and deny LGBT rights like marriage/adoption. I don’t think this means that their values are wrong, I think that for other reasons, but I do think it’s a flaw in their rhetoric, and a flaw in this infographic.