Dr. Who’s Greatest Enemies from the 60s & 70s [infographic]

If you love Dr. Who, raise your hand. If you have no freaking idea who I’m talking about, go take a look at this infographic, you’ll probably like it better. Now, back to the fans of Dr. Who. Thanks for stopping by and please let us know in the comments if you feel any of Dr Who’s Greatest Villains (or Enemies), at least during the 1960s and 1970s, have been left of this Dr. Who infographic. Personally, we have the top 3 enemies as 1. Daleks (duh), 2. The Master and 3. Cybermen. Can you really argue those as the top 3 villains of Dr. Who? I would also like to mention a special shout out to the Weeping Angels, even though they only first appeared in 2007. They some scary b***hes.

The rest of Dr. Who’s rogues gallery includes Robot K-1, Sea Devils, Sontarans, Ice Warriors (Easily the silliest looking Dr. Who foes), Yeti, Zygons, Davors and Autons. As this infographic states, “When you travel through time and space for over 900 years, you’re bound to make a few enemies.”

Dr. Who's Greatest Enemies

Dr. Who is one the most iconic television characters in the history of television. This entertainment infographic was created by Bob Canada


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