Earth’s Highest Height and Lowest Low

We often take for granted how awesome and intricate our planet is. We learn about Earth growing up in science class but usually that information is lost after the test. It is nice to actually take a moment and look at just how amazing Earth truly is.

The infographic below shows the planet from its tallest point (past our mountain peaks) to its deepest depths in our oceans and where some famous landmarks measure up in between. Seeing this in a visual helped me to realize just how high Mt. Everest is compared to the Empire State Building and how deep the Titanic sunk.

This infographic gives great perspective showing just how far the deepest recorded dive is compared to sea level. It is one thing to hear it is 35,000 feet, but to actually see that represented on this infographic is mind-blowing. I consider this one of the best infographics because it visually captures the depths and heights of our planet without worrying about its mammoth size. It may possibly be the tallest infographic ever created; certainly the tallest we have reviewed (13,453 pixels tall). Do you have any infographics taller to recommend?


This Environmental infographic is provided by Our Amazing Planet

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