Fictional Drugs in Movies and Books Infographic

Drugs have been a part of all the cultures of the world and will continue to influence man until the end of time. Whether as a vehicle for escape or a helpful cure, drugs affect our bodies and minds in profound and destructive ways. It only makes sense that our real-world obsession with drugs would be copied in our entertainment. Specifically in movies and books. Here is an infographic detailing the many drugs found in some of our favorite movies, books and television shows. How many can you identify?

Fictional Drugs in Movies and Literature

Fictional Drug / Substance Where is it Found? Drug Information
 Skooma  Elder Scrolls Universe  Highly addictive refined from moon sugar. Causes euphoria and lethargy
 Ketracel-white  Star Trek universe  Narcotic that Jem’Hadar soldiers need to survive
 Zydrate  Repo! The Genetic Opera  Painkiller extracted from the dead
 Space Honey  Futurama  Sleep-indcing honey that can lead to coma
 Mood drugs  Doctor Who  They generally produced emotions, such as Happy, although others
affected the mind in other ways, such as Sleep, Honesty, and Forget
 Venom  Batman universe  Super-steroid
 Prozium II  Equilibrium  Suppresses emotion to ensure obedience
 Magic Mushrooms  Cowboy Bebop  Triggers intense, bizarre hallucinations
 Moloko Plus  A Clockwork Orange  ilk cocktail laced with a variety of drugs to prep for ultra-violence
 Morphling  The Hunger Games  Powerful, addictive painkiller that alter appearance and causes hallucinations
 Neuroin  Minority Report  Heroin-like drug that is huffed through an inhaler
 Death Stick  Star Wars  Mild hallucinogen that triggers euphoria but shortens lifespan with each successive dose.
 Psycho  Fallout universe  Increases damage resistance and dampens higher brain functions
 Repressitol  The Simpsons  Memory-suppressing medication
 Teamocil  Arrested Development  Promotes feeling of wellness and camaraderie while shutting down the pituitary gland
 Tretonin  Stargate SG-1  Boosts immunity while destroying a human’s natural immune system
 Pax  Serenity  Created to suppress aggression; renders utter apathy in some and makes other feral
 Felix Felicis  Harry Potter  Liquid luck that can cause fecklessness and dangerous arrogance if consume excessively
 Melange  Dune  Lengthens lifespan, boosts vitality and unlock prescience in some humans; withdrawal is fatal
 Zyme  Deus Ex  Synthetic drug that is theorized to cause widespread mental illness

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