Find the Perfect Book for You to Read [Infographic]

Summer is coming faster than you may think and now is the time to start preparing the books you will read while on vacation or relaxing in your backyard. A good book helps you to take it slow and let your mind off stop focusing on the the stresses in your life.

This infographic is here to help you decide which books you need to be reading this summer or anytime you wish to pick up a new novel. I love to be told about a good book and this infographic is interactive, asking you questions, and based upon your answers will lead you to a book to read that is perfect for your interests. How cool is that?

The infographic selects the book for you, instead of you searching to find what you are looking for. I would suggest following the questions and seeing which novel you are recommended and then go back and see what other books you might have missed. Don’t be afraid to change your answers to discover a new book that might be out of your normal genre. Reading should be fun and this infographic makes choosing just the right book for your tastes and interests and easy as opening a book.


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  • David Greybeard

    There’s been a lot of these what-to-read-next infographics lately.