Google Tips and Tricks For Online Research

As a recent college graduate if there is one thing I am familiar with it is online research. Researching a topic is more important than actually writing a report or presenting because you have to find the correct information for your work.

The first place many college students start when researching is Google. This will help to give them a general amount of information about their topic. In school the librarians would tell us to use Google for basic information and then when we needed more specific information we would use online catalogs. Well this internet infographic shows you how you can use certain features to find all of your online research using Google.

Google wants to give you the information you need it just might need a little help sometimes. This helpful infographic shows you the best ways to find the information you need using some tips that you may not have thought of. Give these tricks a try the next time you do some research and see just how much information you can find using Google.


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