Hard Facts: Average Erect Penis Size Worldwide

September 1, 2015  |  Bizarre Infographics, Health Infographics

After the great response we had from this infographic on “Does Size Penis Matter,” we thought it was only right to have an infographic on the average size of a man’s penis from around the world…erect, of course. And don’t feel too bad f you are from the countries with smaller sizes, this infographic is not true to scale.

Being a dude myself, and located in the United States of America I’m a bit awe struck by the the longer lengths of men from across the Atlantic. I think I may just stay in the US or try traveling to the South Korea to feel better about myself. I am definitely not going to the Congo.

No way.

You may have noticed that the average size of the male member in the Congo is an impressive 7.1 inches. South Korea has a more modest size of 3.7 inches and America measures in at 5.1 inches for average “wang doodle” size/length.

At least I understand why American men have such big and fast cars.

Hard Facts: Average Penis Size During Erection

Another bizarre infographic by the_digitalmonkey

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  • Royimous

    This is a terrible infographic. The penis graphic lengths are not proportional. The 7.1″ Congo penis is 8 or 9 times longer than the 5.1″ United States penis graphic. Plus, the spiral arrangement isn’t useful at all. Whoever made this inforgraphic needs to learn Data Visualization 101

    • Luís António Moura

      Retard, up there you can clearly read “this infographic is not true to scale.” –‘

      • http://royimous.tumblr.com Royimous

        This is the point. Infographics should be to scale. There is *no point* in having graphics if they are not going to convey any meaningful information. He should have just included the numbers.

        And “retard,” really? Is your life that sad you need to name call?

        • Luís António Moura

          Sorry, I have been playing WoW with so many Retards that is a totally common word for me, like “dude”.

        • outkasted

          He’s mad cause he got a small pee pee.

      • clam hammer

        Are you the guy who made this or just a troll with no aesthetic sense?

        • Luís António Moura

          Im a troll. And my aesthetic sense turns off when someone talk about penis, I don’t care how they look like ._.
          I just want to laugh at the averages of some countries hohohohohoh look at me laughing hohohohoho

    • Jordan

      Just mad because from USA

    • bob

      Utter nonsense. Infographics usually do not show comparisons to scale… precisely in order to render differences as clear as possible. Are you a yank with a small todger by any chance?

  • Kristine

    Like @royimous:disqus mentioned, for a website called “best infographics,” this is nowhere near the best. Regardless of how good RAJ may be at typography or design in general, this particular graphic IS NOT data visualization. There is a huge difference between *design* and *design with the purpose of displaying quantitative data in a visually accurate way.*

  • Omid

    This is awful! “this infographic is not true to scale” – it’s not even to scale relatively. The US 5.1″ is shorter than SK’s 3.7″ – how does that make any sense? Inconsistent & borderline useless.

    • George Pasteur

      Sure, size is important, but even the most impressively endowed tool needs to be kept in good health – no dry/flaky skin, persistent odor, loss of sensation, etc. Using a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help.

  • lop

    Koreans don’t have the smallest penises. The chart is incorrect.

    In Korea, they measured the stretched flaccid length, not erectile length.

    (Source: http://korean-penis.blogspot.com/2013/01/english.html)

    • Federico Riva

      so koreans cannot even have an erection?

    • bob

      I live in Korea, and I can assure you, from what I’ve seen in saunas and swimming pool changing rooms, Koreans have tiny weeny dicks. I feel sorry for them.

      • Steve Echeson

        Pathetic. Uneducated. Stupid. Flaccid length does not necessarily correspond with erectile, so stop confounding people.

    • Hwang Dongseong

      shit! I’m Korean and mine is 6.4in. In public bath, mine was just average.

  • Mario

    Yeah, everything is wrong. HA.
    Cry away americans. Compensate, go to some war.

    • Anonymous

      Actually I wonder if we could do a comparative chart measuring proclivity to go to war with penis size? I bet it would find the inverse relationship too [the more aggressive → the smaller the penis].

      We would have to adjust for things like GDP and overall population size [richer, larger countries are more apt to go to war].

  • Blake

    the picture sounds reasonable because mine is 5 inches when I stand up and 4 and a half when I lay down on my back

  • Guest

    South Korea measures length when it’s flaccid, not erect. Totally inaccurate.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t be too upset with this accurate data. Koreans have very high measured IQ. In fact if you did a chart with IQ & penis size you might find the charts to be the inverse of each other.

  • http://www.abicana.com/shop2.htm Knut Holt

    Lol. The Nordic or Nordic-related areas do not come well out of this comaprizon, nor the east Asian ones.

  • sumimasen

    Wow japanese size is similar with russia n spain.? But japanese height is smaller than chinese n korean. Who made this garbage? Poor japanese

  • LightningGuy

    Size is important, but so is penis health (often ignored, to
    a man’s detriment). Guys can help maintain penis health by using a quality penis
    health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) for common member
    health issues.

  • jorge

    umm, some of the penis sizes are flaccid and some are erect…

  • Sherman Sherman

    This is actually a graph displaying which countries have the biggest liars!

  • ooooh

    South Korea’s result is TOTALLY WRONG.
    It’s research was very terrible, too.(Even without erection)

  • nonsense detector

    This is total BS. Bad “science.” Where do you think the vast majority of Americans came from?

  • Kev__

    Women who judge men on size,slander men on size or have a wang size preference are absolutely,worthless human beings who are unfit and unproductive reprobates.

  • Kev__

    and the males who blog here are mangina,feminut apologists who do their bidding.Feminism 101: bash men on their penis size to empower themselves.

  • John Maxwell

    Trouble with this pennis size study is that data is totally wrong and messed up. Too few samples, measurement error,
    experimental condition mismatch for individual, etc. (erected size is equal to stretched size?). Who could possibly
    measure the erected pennis size of 10,000 people or more accurately on the same condition ? Funnier things is that some people make a lot of
    money with this kind of stupid shitty article. Totally time waster. But unfortunately we will see more and more articles
    like this because they just want to stimulate your PNS and get you addicted on this kind of junky article stuffs. Real danger is that still there are a lot of people believing this kind of stupid article or data without suspecting or without wondering how truthfully they have collected such a data.

  • Hank Xanders

    Any correlation to a willingness to perform cunnilingus and/or eating fermented, spicy cabbage?

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