Harry Potter Magic Spells You Should Know

While the Harry Potter movies may finally be at an end. There will always be Harry Potter books, DVDs, digital downloads and probably a few VHS tapes in the world. New fans will always be brought into the fold. So with that in mind we present the magic spells from Harry Potter you should know.

This Harry Potter infographic breaks the spells down to three categories: Charms, Unforgivable curses and Defensive Charms & Curses.

A few of the more popular Unforgivable Curses include Imperio, to control; Avada Kedavra, to kill instantly and Crucio, to torture into insanity. Yikes.

The more popular Charms included in the infographic are Wingardium Leviosa, to levitate objects; Accio, to summon objects and Expetoc Patronum, to chase away demons.

Some of the Defensive spells are Protego, to shield; Stupefy, to make unconsciousness and Expelliarmus, to disarm or expel.

Are there any charms or spells from Harry Potter you feel are missing? Let us know in the comments.


This entertainment infographic was created by http://seanchunseianliew.deviantart.com/

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