Have You Lied on Your Resume? [Infographic]

With jobs being harder and harder to come by these days more people may have the urge to exaggerate on their resumes. Sometimes employers check on the resumes and sometimes they go by what you say but you don’t want to be caught in a lie.

This infographic warns that you better be careful if you are fluffing your resume to get that nice job. While some employers may not be checking your resume, those who do may find that you lied. You don’t want to start a job and be known as the liar. You could also be fired before you even start working. Putting false information on a resume can easily be checked by a simple Google search. You should only put truthful information on a resume and use your interview as a way to elaborate and sell yourself to your potential employers.

If you have lied on your resume in the past then know you are not alone but be careful in the future because not all employers will let these lies go.


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