How Long Do Foods Last [Infographic]

It’s time to clean out your pantry and fridge but you don’t know if some of the food you have is still good or not. Most of the time you can tell if things are still good by smelling them but other things that have not been opened can be harder to tell.

Every food has an expiration date that lets you know when it is no longer good to eat it. This food infographic shows the shelf life for many common foods we eat. Everything from the pantry and refrigerator to the freezer is covered. I was actually surprised by some of the times. For example apples can last one to two months in the fridge.

The infographic also tells you how long you should keep certain leftovers. We all have leftovers that we plan on eating and then never do. Now you know when it is time to throw out the leftovers before they go bad.