How Much Data Do We Consume in a Day? [Infographic]

We have become a society of data consumers. We are constantly exposing ourselves to enormous amounts of data at a time. Companies are even keeping track of how much data we use and charging us based upon our data usage. We consume so much data in one day that we may not even realize just how much we are retaining.

This infographic shows the average data consumed by Americans in one day. The information is displayed creatively on a brain and shows the areas that we consume data the most. You have to remember that these are the averages of Americans and might not reflect your own personal data consumption. I noticed that I spend a lot more time with computer interaction that I do watching t.v. Now that I work on a computer I spend at least 8 hours a day consuming data from a computer and only 1 or 2 hours watching t.v.

The lowest form of data consumption is by reading. Less people are reading that ever before. I recently read an article on Buzzfeed about how people are reading less and less. This is troubling to me because I enjoy reading and while I don’t get to do it a lot, I try to make time for it several times a week.

How do you consume data and how much are you consuming? Are you getting it from the right places?



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  • Ye gods! Great infographic and just atrocious writing.