How Much Do We Poop – And What’s In It? [infographic]

Not every infographic needs to be 2 feet tall with dozens of icons, charts and graphs. Sometimes an infographic can get its message across with a single image. Infographics like this one which feature some interesting facts about poop and its image of a multi-color poop. I’m hoping that is not real poop. I’m hoping that is play-doh poop. In any case, it is a visual that catches you quickly and the color coding disarms the potential vulgarity or distaste that poop’s more natural coloring might cause.

I have reviewed some really poopy infographics, but I have to say this is the poopiest of them all. Let’s get to know our poop. And now you can find out more about your pee too.


For the record, your average poop contains:

  • 1% protein
  • 4% salts
  • 75% water
  • 8% indigestible fibers
  • 8% dead bacteria (eww!)
  • 4% fats

This infographic is the poop. This poopy, bizarre infographic was created by the_digitalmonkey.

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