How To Cook Vegetables Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

It’s the beginning of summer, which is when more people eat their vegetables. The vegetables are fresh in most places and can be bought at local farmers markets making for a great meal. Buying fresh vegetables from your local farmers market is a great way to eat fresh organic vegetables and support your local farmers.

When it’s time to cook the vegetables many people have a hard time figuring out how to cook their produce. The good news is that most vegetables can be cooked many different ways making for a variety of recipes that feature your favorite vegetables. The infographic below is a helpful cheat sheet that shows you how long to cook each type of vegetable depending on the way you want it prepared.

So if you wanted to have roasted asparagus you can now make sure you are cooking it properly by using this helpful cooking resource. There are some forms of cooking that certain vegetables do not standup well with. These are also noted to make sure you avoid a not so tasty dish.

If you are a beginner or cook that been cooking for years, this infographic is something you will want to have as a reference. It might even make you crave vegetables all year round instead of just the summer. We all know eating too many vegetables is never a bad thing.

So invite your friends over and tell them to bring their favorite vegetables. Make a night out of cooking and preparing a fun vegetarian dinner.




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