How to Grill Vegetables [Infographic]

It’s summer, so that means everyone is outside grilling and enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Cooking on the grill is not just for burgers and steaks but also for vegetables. Yes you can grill your vegetables right along side your favorite meats.

This infographic shows the vegetables that grill the best and how you should prepare them to grill. Eating grilled vegetables gives them a whole new taste that you cannot achieve in an oven or on a stove. Grilling gives the vegetables awesome charr marks that taste great.

Asparagus and corn are my favorite to grill and asparagus can be so tasty with a little salt added after grilling. Grilled corn with a little butter is a whole new take on the classic corn on the cob. Be sure to try grilling some of these vegetable for yourself this summer.

What vegetables do you enjoy grilling? Share a favorite recipe for grilling vegetables.



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