How to Slice Avocados [Infographic]

The other day my fiance tried to make guacamole but was having a hard time cutting the avocados. I saw her struggling and went to help. I am a fan of the food network so I have seen avocados sliced many times. This infographic reminded me of her struggling to slice the avocado.

If you are like my fiance, and have trouble slicing your avocado, then you will appreciate this instructional infographic. It is a fun and colorful illustration that show you how to slice avocados and remove them from their shell. Eating an avocado is a tasty and healthy snack. You can even make your own guacamole right at home instead of driving to the Mexican restaurant.

While the obvious health benefits to eating avocado can be taken for granite, the simplicity and elegance of this infographic should not be taken for granted. In today’s world of cookie-cutter infographics that are spit out by soulless designers, it is extremely refreshing to see some attention34 to detail and fresh look. Illustrations in general add interest and even more so when you combine instructions with infographics. Well done! Now go enjoy an avocado…sliced safely and correctly.