How You Could Use Two Extra Hours

We are always complaining that we need more time, that there are not enough hours in a day. Well, what if you had two extra hours in your day? How would you use them? We could probably think of a couple of things that we would like to do during those extra hours but will we actually do it.

This infographic gives you some ideas for what you could do with those extra hours. I like that the suggestions are all fun things that we may not take the time to do during our regular day. I always say I don’t have time to exercise properly but if I had two extra hours I am sure I could use that time there. Most of us would just use that extra time to get a few more hours of sleep. Sleep is one of those things that many people admit they don’t get enough of.

Obviously, there is no way to add two extra hours to the day but this is a good reminder to use your time wisely. You could do each one of the things on the infographic in a regular day if you make time for them and prioritize it among other activities. Don’t let your life go buy without take time to do things that are good for you. It’s easy to rush around these days but sometimes we need to stop and look at how we are spending our time.



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