Infographics Are Stupid

We can admit that not all infographics are good and that is why we created this site to showcase those that we feel are the best or at least unique. This funny infographic shows the mistakes that many infographics make.

It makes a joke about some of the most commonly used design techniques and how they just make the infographics look stupid. It is important to be able to make fun of yourself and I think this designer did a great job of making fun of the infographic design industry.

I agree with many of the points on the infographic especially that the majority of infographics are “useless information that supposedly looks cooler as an informational graphic”. It is true many people seem to believe that if it is on an infographic it’s the truth when in fact most of the statistics are outdated or even false.

I think the lesson to learn here is that infographics can be a great tool for presenting information about a specific topic and they can also be really stupid.

most infographics are bad and stupid

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