Madonna Vs. Lady Gaga Who is the Better Pop Star?

Madonna is known around the world by her music and eccentric ways but that description also sounds like another pop star, Lady Gaga. These women have been compared ever since Lady Gaga emerged as a pop star. From the way they dress to the types of songs they sing and even down to the lyrics they write, these women have a lot of similarities.

The infographic below compares the two women on their shocking style. They are known for their extreme costumes and  have made headlines over the years for shocking people. Let us not forget Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress.

Let the infographic breakdown the styles for you and then decide who has the most unique style or the craziest.


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Since this site is run by a child of the 80s we have to give the crown of Pop Diva to Madonna. She has had the longest career so far and changed pop culture like no other woman and helped MTV become the non-video playing television/media company it is today. Here are two more infographics celebrating the Material Girl.

Madonna: A Digital Story

Includes information and stats about Madonna’s tour from the Virgin Tour in 1985 to the Stick & Sweet tour in2009. Album sales are also charted with a steady decline over the years, but it is obvious Madonna has staying power with her Sticky & Sweet tour grossing 407 million dollars.


Madonna Fashion (D)Evolution?

What would Madonna be without her fashion sense, probably just a mediocre voice with a lot of sex appeal. Clothes may make the man, but they can also make a female singer’s career. While Madonna may be better known for her sex appeal, it was her style and flair for the dramatic, both on stage and in concert that gave her an identity. This infographic is a timeline of Madonna’s fashionable changes from 1982 through 2012. Our favorite is Material Girl in 1984, but we are Marilyn Monroe fans too, so there go. Rock on, Madonna.


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  • drew vader

    What about Gaga’s story so far?

  • Alex M.

    It is like to comparate Champagne and Vodka

  • stanoki

    Madonna is the better “pop star”, but Lady Gaga is the more talented artist. Lady Gaga has a much better voice, writes all her own material, and is an excellent pianist, and she never lip-synchs!