Nearest McDonald’s Restaurant Data Visualization

Although many, many people will deny their love for McDonald’s, the evidence that there are nearly 13,000 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States alone would seem to add some uncertainty to that belief. And since most kids would scream the name McDonald’s when asked by their parents where they want to eat, it seems almost impossible for families to avoid this American institution forever. Teenagers work there and therefore probably eat a few Big Macs along the way; and unless you are a vegetarian you probably crave a McDonald’s hamburger every few years or the crispy, golden fries.

Ever wonder what gluttony and envy look like? Here you go.

Ever wonder what gluttony and envy look like? Here you go.

The power of McDonald’s can’t be denied, as both a successful franchise and powerful business. Its growth since its inception in 1940 has been steady and prolific. Today’s data visualization of McDonald’s locations across the United States is powerful visual evidence of their dominance. As expected, national freeways are dotted with the fast food chain and you can almost use the glowing trails as a map to travel our great country…one Mickey D’s at a time.

McDonald’s is a part of the United States and the world. And based on this McDonald’s data map, the good news is you can find one to enjoy an Extra Value Meal nearby or you can easily find one to picket for unhealthy food just and for contributing to the obesity of America.

Picketers were given Kid's Meal toy to disperse quietly.

Picketers were given Kid’s Meal toy to disperse quietly.

As for this data visualization, I’m Lovin’ It.


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