Yes, Penis Size Does Matter Infographic

This has been an ongoing debate for years among men and women. Does the size of the penis really matter when it comes down to getting down? If you have ever wondered where women stand on this issue then you will want to check out this infographic about penis size. Here are some statistics that show what women are really thinking. With this new shocking information, you can probably assume that male enhancement formula will be heavily sought after.

Penis size does matter infographic

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  • anonymous

    btw not all women are heterosexual (wow)

  • anon

    So girls are going to dump a guy for his penis size. Cool.

  • Rhak

    Though Im certain some wish their partners had or has a bigger penis only bc its the only thing the guy uses, some havent heard about arrousing and driving girls crazy with clit <3

  • Educated

    My penis is a wonderful size and have never had a complaint, but this is idiotic. Girls get themselves off with their fingers so as long as youre bigger than that it should work…the key is foreplay.

    • almorr

      Foreplay as you say is very important, size does matter, but only if it is really small, say under 5″ long and 4″ in circumference OR too big, over 8″ long and 6″ in circumference.

  • Rodney Hatch

    cunt size must be a factor yeah?

  • penis

    Size does matter. I have a 13 inch and now have 4 wives, all of which married because of my size. (penis enlargement exercises)

  • Anon227

    Why? Are you concerned about the size and girth of your penis? Grow up, man. It’s a graph, don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll always love you for who you are.

  • Jim Derry

    Men get focused on size and ignore the importance of health of the tool. More guys would be better off using a top drawer penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to aid with penile blood flow, dry/flaky skin, loss of sensation, odor, etc.

  • kLPantera

    If men are to be judged by the size of our genitals, then by contrast. Women are also to be judged by their breasts and ass with the same degree of vanity (as listed by this infographic).

  • Nick Leyton

    This is pure commercial bullshit. The link they gave takes you to a website contradicting the viewpoint promulgated in the graph. And the last sentence says it all: “With this new shocking information, you can probably assume that male enhancement formula will be heavily sought after.”

    This is some penis enlargement infobullshit playing on mens insecurities about penis size. Don’t buy into it.

  • Tanya

    I think most women would tend to agree that size doe’s matter. My husbands manhood is just gorgeous & yes size doe’s matter is all I have say & I think most women would prefer at some point to have a longer / thicker manhood. Rather deal with too much than not enough!I want to feel fulfilled & satisfied, & fortunately for me, I don’t have to worry about such things though, for my hubby is well endowed & above avg. in that dept. of being slightly over 23 cm’s (9 in.) & that beautiful & manscaped smooth manhood of his makes me very happy & I consider myself to be a very fortunate girl to have him as my husband! He know’s just how to take good care of me & make my smooth little kitty purrrr! Simply Luving every inch of him! Were just a very happy couple of smoothies! 😉