Products Shelf Life [Infographic]

Many of the products we use everyday have a shelf life that determines the length of their use. We are very strict about the shelf life of food to avoid eating outdated food. Some other products have shelf lives too including electronics.

This infographic shows the shelf life of certain food as well as electronics. It is amazing to see that honey will last longer than your Iphone. Some foods just keep longer than others so this can be helpful when cleaning out your pantry. You don’t want to throw away something that could still be good. This also shows why it is important to date your products so that you can be sure you are not eating them past their shelf life.

It is interesting to see how short most of the shelf lives are forĀ  electronic products. This is mainly due to the development of newer and better versions of the products. A new Iphone comes out every year so the Iphone you have now will only have about a 1 year shelf life. The same goes for most gaming devices as newer versions come out every few years.

Are you surprised by any of the shelf lives? Which product do you think should have a shorter shelf life?



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