Recipes for 30 of the Most Popular Shots [Infographic]

Ordering shots at the bar can really add up and be quite a shock when its time to close the tab. Another option is to invite all your friends over and make your favorite shots at home. The bar scene can be fun until that guy pukes on your shoes or the guys next to you start a fight pushing your girlfriend to the ground. Sometimes hanging out at home is more fun and you can make all your favorite shots from the bar.

This infographic has recipes for 30 of the most popular shots. Whether your celebrating a bachelor party with a “buttery nipple” or St. Patrick’s Day with a “shamrocked” shot, these recipes have got you covered. I know that when I have people over we always try to remember what is in our favorite shots and try to make then. Now we can, thanks to this convenient infographic.

Each shot is shown with an image and the title as well as what is included in each shot. Save this infographic because I am sure you are going to be using at your next party or maybe even a family gathering. Remember to know your limit.

30 Cocktail Shots Infographic

My favorite is a Woo Woo and then the Kamikaze. What’s yours? This drinking infographic was created by Don Bullach.

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  • bartender

    the chocolate cake one is wrong. a chocolate cake shot is made by mixing vodka with frangelico hazelnut liquor and serving with a sugar lemon. you lick the sugar off the lemon, take the shot, and then bite the lemon–tastes just like chocolate cake

    • I’m a bartender too

      Shots are different everywhere, could even just be a different name for a “universal shot”, like werthers vs burt reynolds