The Selfie Revolution [Infographic]

The term selfie is something that is used constantly now and to be honest I hope it goes away soon. A selfie is when you take a picture of yourself and then usually post it to social media. Many celebrities are in on the act as well and are sharing some pretty provocative selfies on the internet.

This infographic shows the rise of the selfie and just how much it has changed pop culture this year. You can even see the numbers behind celebrity selfies including how many they have posted and who posts the most. I just want to know who spent the time looking for this data. They must have combed through hundreds of celebrity  Instagram and twitter profiles.

Are you into taking selfies? What celebrity do you follow that takes a lot of selfies?



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  • clam hammer

    looking at this makes me NOT want to read it. That’s the opposite of what infographics are meant to do, haha!

  • Well designed selfie Infographic. Love the colors and content.