Serif vs Sans-Serif Fonts [infographic]

We realize we are setting ourselves up for criticism when we named our site Best Infographics. In truth no large group of people, much less designers, can agree on what is the best infographic. So we have opted with a compromise to show you infographics that aren’t saturated on the Internet already and/or infographics that communicate something very well that isn’t well known, such as the differences between serif and sans serif fonts and when to use them.

Every designer should know this, of course. But in today’s web world, almost anyone is a designer. WordPress and other blogging software make almost anyone a pseudo-designer, so if you going to get involved with designing your site or blog, you might as well understand the uses of serif fonts vs sans-serif fonts. And this typography infographic does just that.

So that is what makes this one of the best infographics, it teaches something quickly that is useful to a host of Internet users and would-be web designers. And while it mentions that sans-serif fonts are better for the web, you notice we use a serif font for our body copy. Sometimes you just go with what you like and I still believe serif fonts are more comforting and easier to read, even on the web. I also feel the serif font we use is large enough to be easily visible. What do you think, designers?

I do agree with the last line in the infographic: The best font choices are the ones where readers do not notice the fonts, but the message.

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Serif Font vs Sans Serif Font Infographic

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