The Cure for Procrastination [Infographic]

Procrastination is a horrible thing.Those who procrastinate do not often realize they are procrastinating. In college I would procrastinate writing papers but it was usually because there was something more fun going on rather than me just not wanting to write the paper.

I think many people procrastinate when there is something that they have to do but do not want to do. Nobody would procrastinate to avoid going to Disney World but to write a 25 page proposal, now that’s a different story. We all have those things that we procrastinate on and we have to learn to do better.

If you are looking to procrastinate your work for a few more minutes then you may want to check out this fun flowchart. It claims that it can cure procrastination and get you back on track. I won’t make any promises because I procrastinated reading it for a couple hours but you should give it a try.


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