The Evolution of Typography

No doubt this typographic timeline will be the favorite of many designers, so interesting both visually and conceptually. The information portion of this infographic explains a lot about a tool that is a fundamental part in the day a day for all those who use some design software: fonts. This illustrated typeface timeline is an incredible infographic by Colors, layout and typography work as one to create a dynamic and information visual piece of functional art.

My favorite portion is the typography anatomy which explains the parts and pieces to a typeface/letter. Easy to understand and fun visual that remind me of grade school when I was first learning to print.

So learn more about one of the most important parts of a designers life as well as an everyday art form that we all take for granted. Typography is so much more than just text on a page or a screen. Typography can set a mood or tell a story that is all its own.

(Take a look at the Serif vs Sans-Serif infographic if you like this one.)


A wonderful design infographic by the talented people at They obviously appreciate typography and it show in this well-crafted design piece.

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