The Hangover Helper [Infographic}

In honor of the release of the third installment to The Hangover franchise, I would like to post this infographic on how to help your hangover. Now hopefully your hangover will never be as bad as our friends in the movie but if you do wake up and find yourself on the floor of the bathroom then you may want to follow these tips.

A interesting part of this infographic is the remedies from the different countries. When the guys from the hangover were in Thailand that should have used broad rice noodles to cure their hangovers. I have to agree the best way Americans get rid of hangovers is to eat greasy foods. That’s my favorite way to cure a hangover.

If you are the person who likes to go out and party then you have to be prepared for the hangovers. Take the advice of this infographic and prepare yourself for your next big night out.


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