The Many Uses of Corn Kernels [Vintage Infographic]

Who knew corn kernels are in so many of the things we use everyday? I had no idea until I stumbled across this vintage infographic showing the breakdown of the corn kernel. Apparently every part of the kernel from the hull to the starch and the germ are used to create products we could not live without.

Here I was thinking corn kernels were only good for corn and popcorn. The designer used creative branches or root-like images to showcase the products and items made from the kernels. The main branch shows what items the starch from the kernel is used for which includes everything from paper to fireworks and makeup.

It is interesting on this Vintage infographic takes on the characteristics of the cardiovascular system in the body. Veins are going out from the corn (heart), fueling the world, much like blood fuels the body. An interesting and clever analogy.

The germ oil branch is smaller but shows that the oil is used in many oils and soaps that we use. It is amazing to think how many  of our products are made especially when you think how a piece of a corn kernel can be processed with other items to make chewing gum or twine. I have to say my mind has been blown by this infographic and I am not sure I can look at my leather shoes without thinking of corn.

What’s your take on this food infographic featuring the power of corn?

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