The Voices Behind The Simpsons [Infographic]

If you have lived in America at some point during the past 24 years then you will have heard of The Simpsons. This show is an adult cartoon that parodies the American culture and society. It is set in the fictional town of Springfield and follows the crazy antics of a middle class family.

The characters on the show are recognizable anywhere and are known for their distance voices. This infographic shows the real people behind the many voices of the show. The are so many characters but as you can see the town of Springfield is only made up of 12 actors. It is amazing to see the range of these actors and how they can change their voices for each of the characters.

The infographics shows who each actor is in the show and some do more voices than others. It is obvious to see that Hank Azaria lends his voice to the most characters while Harry Shearer and Dan Castellaneta are close behind. As someone who did not watch a lot of The Simpsons, but enough to know the characters, I am surprised by this infographic. I cannot believe that only a few people played so many characters.

If you are a fan of The Simpsons you may already know each of the voices behind the main characters but you may be surprised by just how many other voices these actors portrayed.

Voices of the Simpsons infographics

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