Tips on How to Be Productive

I don’t know about you but there are many times where I feel like I cannot get anything done. I start something but before I finish I think of something else to do. I am always looking for tips and tricks to help me be more productive. That is why I think this infographic by Anna Vital stuck out to me.

The infogaphic is a simple design but in a fun creative way that invites the reader to follow the flowchart to determine how they can become more productive. It is not a flowchart in the sense that you answer questions and move throughout the infographic, but simply a string of “hacks” and tips for the different ways to be productive.

Many of the different ways to be productive are things that we try to do everyday and fail at. We try to eat healthy and exercise but sometimes are busy schedules get in the way. That is why there are tips on how to be productive with your schedule and prioritize what you need to get done.

I urge you not to skip over this infographic because it really does provide interesting and valuable tips that you can use in your everyday life.


  • Andreas Moser

    I would start with “don’t browse the internet for infographics”.