Trends in Cosmetic Procedures [Infographic]

The society we live has become more and more concerned with outward appearance. We want to look our best and society encourages us to do this. Many people have decided that to look their best they need to change parts of their bodies. Either through liposuction, face lifts, breast implants, or tummy tucks people are turning to plastic surgery to change the way they look.

The infographic below shows the trends in cosmetic procedures, showing which surgeries are more popular and common. The infographic compares men and women who have had cosmetic procedures from 2005-2012. Women do seem to have more cosmetic procedures but there are quite a bit of men who enjoy fixing certain parts of their bodies.

The nice thing about this infographic is the amount of detail that has gone into the design. The whole human body is dissected to show the areas that many people have surgery on. The amount of research it took to complete this infographic is amazing and it really shows with just how comprehensive the information is.

The infographic includes minimally invasive procedures that you may not thing of as cosmetic procedures. One treatment that men are doing just as much as women now is laser hair removal. With more and more places offering this treatment the popularity of it has risen. Are you interested in a cosmetic procedure? Take a look at the top trends and see if there is something you feel you need to change about yourself.



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