Unique Tattoo Infographic

This is one of the most unique and creative infographics that I have ever seen. They have taken the statistics and facts about tattoos and placed them on this guy’s body to look like actual tattoos. Now I am assuming this is not real and that some poor guy did not volunteer to actually get his body covered in tattoo facts.

I  see this collection of images as a great example for those who are making the same old infographics and a challenge to be creative with the topics they are working on. I mean what is more creative than taking tattoo information and “tattooing” it on someone and then photographing it. I have seen so many infographics that after a while they all look the same but not this one. This one caught my eye like I know it will catch yours.

The thought behind the placement of each work and image on this guy’s body is astounding. They made sure we could still read the information even though it is curved and placed on the different areas. You can tell in the close up images how intricate and detailed this project was. I give this infographic props for thinking outside the box and showcasing the information is one of the most amazing ways.





  • Zee