Untranslatable Words From Other Languages [Infographic]

A lot of words translate from one language to the other but some phrase do not. I can only imagine a translator trying to translate some of our slang to another language. Much of it would not make sense at all.

This infographic shows 11 words that do not translate and are actually fun words. These words don’t translate because they we do not have words for them in the English language. They can be described in English but not defined by a single word.

Have you heard of the words before? What other words can you think of that do not translate well?



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  • Kinder88

    The Italian word is actually spelled “Culaccino”, it comes from the word diminutive form of “Culo” that means ass, so it means “little ass”.

  • tkr

    the last one (mangata) has a turkish translation: “yakamoz”

  • KTUK

    Actually, these words ‘are’ translatable, just not by single words in English. Also, remember, that many of these words listed here are compound words, i.e. words made up from a number of other words (for example, the Japanese 木漏れ日 literally means ‘sun filtered through the trees – three words in Japanese, stuck together), and due to the grammatical structure of these languages, this is possible, and such words are not really ‘words’ unto themselves.