Velociraptor Mongoliensis Reference Guide [Infographic]

The velocirpator mongoliensis that is depicted below has been carefully studied by scientists to determine its actual size. We often see dinosaurs depicted in movies and television as vicious creatures that are bigger than they actually were. This infographic is able to accurately depict the velociraptor compared to humans and other animals.

The animal infographic below is different from many others because it has a scientific and educational design to it. You don’t see many infographics like this one and that is why I wanted to include it here. It stands out to me as an accurate guide to the velociraptor.

I am amazed by the size of this creature, especially because it is shown as smaller than a human but bigger than a cat. When you see them in the movies they are always bigger than humans to make them more intimidating. There is no denying that dinosaurs existed but pop culture sometimes exaggerates their actual size and demeanor. It is nice to see a guide that truthfully shows these dinosaurs.


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